Meet Shena

The Leader of the Tribe

Welcome to Shena’s Tribe!

Shena Zellars is a successful entrepreneur, experienced hair stylist, and owner of Crown & Glory Studio, the longest running Black-owned salon in Douglasville, Georgia. And above those roles, she is the wife of a supportive husband and mother of five beautiful children.

After initially pursuing a career in medicine and real estate, she decided to shift her focus back to her natural gift and true calling in the beauty industry. During the following years, she became a student of the craft while defining her voice and style. When her mother, founder of Crown & Glory retired, Shena was prepared to take the reins and create a legacy of her own.

With a driven spirit and developed skill, Shena quickly became a high in-demand stylist, enhancing the beauty of women across the state of Georgia. As she continued to build a loyal clientele, she maintained her creativity, professionalism and excellent customer service. 

In addition to her current business, Shena is ready to share her vessel of knowledge and give back to her community by establishing her new brand, Shena’s Tribe.

Shena’s Tribe is a sisterhood of like-minded women who are elevating their confidence and taking up space in multiple industries. This unique brand will offer several quality hair products including extensions and a complete lace wig installation kit. It will also offer informational sessions, focused on uplifting female and minority entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a community of motivated, inspired women, join the tribe! 

Welcome 2 the Tribe

New Brand on the block

Hey Hey! Are we excited, we just finished getting moved in. We want to say welcome 2 the Tribe, it's so nice to be here. As we are getting settled in let me take this time to tell you a little about ourselves. We are a new beauty brand on the block, but definitely not new to the beauty scene. We started this journey 18 years ago. and we have so much to offer our "TRIBE" making it a lifestyle. I'm sure you may be wondering what makes us different from other beauty brands out there. Well let me say the unity that we bring to our "TRIBE". We uplift and inspire like minded women like yourself while providing top quality raw hair and beauty products. Are you a woman with goals and dreams maybe one in school or even a career. Or how about you love hanging out with the girls or even just a homebody who loves to Netflix and chill. Either way we have alot to offer. Customer service is definitely our #1 priority. Our favorite saying is

"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel". And we want our "TRIBE" to feel amazing every time they shop with us. You don't just get the best products and amazing costomer service but you get a "TRIBE" behind you. Positive vibes, motivation, inspiring, praying and manifesting!

So welcome 2 the "TRIBE" again we're glad you stopped by!